Letters From Our Father was created to share a piece of God’s Heart from my ears to yours. I often hear many messages from the Lord which is His way to inspire, encourage, and explain His Love. I also believe these are words He wants you to hear too because they explain His love for all of His children. It is my prayer that you all will be as blessed as I am from hearing how God, Our Father, feels and thinks about you.


Imagine that! We actually live in a world where so many people are so insecure. People are insecure about their hair, weight, eye brows and eye lashes, clothes, and shoes. I hate to tell you this but the list doesn’t just stop there. People are insecure about the house they live in or the car they drive. They feel insecure on their jobs and in their relationships. Then it’s almost as if there’s No Limits to the levels of insecurity that individuals have within themselves. It can be seen when celebrities go through drastic procedures to have cosmetic surgery. They are willing to pay large amounts of money to have something added or taken away in an attempt to enhance their look. Others may exhibit their insecurity when they have to buy certain brand clothing, shoes, and purses to keep of a persona. Some people even develop eating disorders or endure abusive relationships far too long.

Now before you start firing away, I’m just the messenger. Hold that trigger finger and hear me out. I’m neither approving or disapproving of any of these activities, except I AM AGAINST ANYTHING THAT CAUSE HARM TO ANYONE. So I disapprove of eating disorders and remaining in abusive relationships. Basically, my reason for writing about this is because I believe our Father in Heaven has something He wants us to know about our insecurities.

First of all, Merriam Webster (2018) defines the word insecure as “not confident or sure; not adequately guarded or sustained; not firmly fastened or fixed; and not highly stable or well-adjusted”.

Our Father has a lot to say about the world being so insecure. He has given us scriptures which are opposite the definition of insecure. To name a few Philippians 4:13; 2Timothy 1:7; Psalm 27:3; Hebrews 10:35-36; Hebrews 13:6. These scriptures point us in the direction of confidence and courage. It’s as if God wanted us to be certain of who we are and confident in our very own existence. Each one of us were fearfully and wondrously made! I’m 100% sure that Our Father is kicked back in Heaven watching a world full of insecure people and continuously whispering to each person, “but I made you that way. You are magnificent. Everything about you is important to who I made you to be and the job I have for you to do”. If God tells us not to worry about what we’ll eat or what we’ll wear, I know he doesn’t want us feeling insecure about any of the things we worry about in this world. I am convinced that He is smitten with His Creation. I repeat…..His Creation!

I’ll admit, it’s easier to write about it but remember I told you not to shoot the messenger. I have my insecurities too! I’m simply sharing the message so we can all go forward stronger and better.

There’s a component to this whole insecurity issue that I believe could set so many free. If you think about it when a person is insecure they are typically concerned about what others will think. These are those instances when we make adjustments to our self or lifestyle because we are actually worried about how we appear to others. Or those moments when we shrink back because we care how “they” will perceive us. He doesn’t want this!! Our mighty Father does not want us putting on a show for society. We know this through such words as Colossians 3:23; Colossians 3:17; 1Corinthians 10:31; or 2Timothy 2:15. All of these strongly insist that we are to appear and act in such a way that gets the approval of God. It doesn’t say to be presentable to people or to even desire the approval of others. It’s ridiculous to care so much about what other people think of you.

It’s time that we live in a world where we are highly aware of what Our Father in Heaven thinks of us. Not men! I’m a believer that He wants His Creation to move forward as Secure People.

❤️Jatova Jones❤️


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Often times we have plans and set goals for our lives or for the year with the best intention to complete them successfully. When we set these plans we have a good idea of what the end result looks like and we even understand that we have to put in work to make it happen. Once we complete our goals we feel triumphant and victorious. We are able to look forward to the next set of plans.
I have to admit I feel great when I meet my goals but I would like to discuss when I don’t reach them in the time frame that I set for myself. I could give examples of the many reasons people may not complete a goal but it doesn’t matter. What I found out one day from My Heavenly Father is that nothing has ever been built without “movement completion”. He shared with me that in many cases people get stuck thinking about how they didn’t start and finish a plan within an expected time instead of recognizing that putting movement towards a plan or goal is what leads to success. I’m guilty! There’s been many times in my life when I beat myself up because I didn’t begin working on a goal in enough time to meet my requirements or maybe I didn’t get started with it at all. During the times when this has happened I considered it a failed endeavor, never considering that I could still complete it even if I didn’t do it in the time that I set for myself. As I had this conversation with God, He only wanted me to know that “Success is a series of movement”. Movement is required to complete, tackle, or face any matter. It makes sense to me. You can’t move forward without moving! One step at a time! Little by little!

❤️Jatova Jones❤️


What Should We Do During the Solar Eclipse

As the solar eclipse is already starting, I would like to share my understanding of what we should be doing and praying during its occurrence.
Last night I was reading about all the hype of the eclipse. In my state, schools are dismissing early and excusing checkouts to allow students to watch the eclipse. I needed to dig deeper and see what it’s really about. So I decided to ask my Father in Heaven what He wanted me to know, do, or pray as it pertains to the eclipse. Now in this moment I wish I could tell you that He gave me a long, extraordinary response that dispelled the entire mystery of the solar eclipse. He didn’t! I received a thought, which was to determine how long it had been since the last eclipse like this one.
Well, I’m not a mathematician but all I needed to do was subtract the last one in 1918 from this one in 2017. I found it to be 99 years since the last eclipse. Furthermore, my understanding is that these compare because they will both be a coast to coast path of the sun, in which this one is from Oregon to South Carolina. With the 99 years stuck in my head, I wanted to know which significant events took place in the Bible that may have lasted for 99 years.
I believe I found something better than an event that lasted for this long. I found Genesis 17:1-2. In this scripture, Abram was 99 years old when the Lord appeared before him with an order. Now here the Lord identified himself by saying “I Am Almighty God”. So this says that He did not shrink back in his introduction and identification of Himself so I’m safe by calling it an order and not a request. He ordered him to surrender to Him, live for Him, and to get rid of iniquity and sin according to His perspective. Almighty God told Abram that if he would do these things that He would make a covenant with him and increase would be his portion.
This is a great scripture…right!! As I continued to talk to God about this I understand that at this time in our life, God wants the United States of America to surrender to Him. Repent and live blameless in His sight. Our Father in Heaven wants America to put away the sin, idolatry, adultery and fornication against Him by living in His ways according to His ways. He wants this nation to make her covenant with Him so that our generations ahead will be in covenant with Him and fruitfulness and increase will be all of our portion.
As I wrap up this lengthy message I pray that you all have found revelation through this message and that you will also join me as I pray for our nation to align with Almighty God. May we all stand before Him and choose to “walk” blameless before Him.

❤️Jatova Jones❤️


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“Count it ALL for Praise”

So I have a word to share with you. I actually forgot to share it until I read Proverbs 8:17. Once I read this scripture I immediately remembered this word, so it’s my belief that someone needs to hear it now.
I woke up about 4 am this morning really uncomfortable. It seemed that every positioned I laid in was making my stomach hurt. So I began to complain about it in my head while trying to get back to sleep. But then I heard the Lord and He said “count it all for praise”
So I began to praise Him for everything as I went to sleep. I don’t remember having to thank Him for much because miraculously I found a comfy position and found sleep right away.
I believe I am to share this with you because it speaks to how God wants us to handle whatever we’re going through. We’re not supposed to remain in the hardship, trouble, or discomfort. It has a timeline. In which, Our Father in Heaven never intended for us to dwell in the pain of it all. You see for me, I was uncomfortable in my sleep because I’m with child. There’s an appointed timeline for my instance(s) of discomfort. Now I have to be honest with you….I have complained….A LOT!! Yes, repentance and forgiveness is in order. I just wasn’t looking at my situation from God’s view.
This morning I realized something, something I should’ve already been focused on. Once I stopped complaining about my discomfort and began to “count it all for praise”, the discomfort became nonexistent. It became non-existent because in my new view of my situation I changed my position. You see I was mad because I couldn’t lie in bed the way I wanted to. I couldn’t have the position I was comfortable or most used to. I realized when I stopped complaining and found the blessing in it…..I was able to find comfort in a new position. I slept very well in this position and didn’t experience any pain.
I believe this is an example of how we handle the various situations we go through in life…..wanting to do it our way or remain in our own comfort zone. Our Father in Heaven is saying stop your complaining, “count it all for praise”, and change position.  I pray this word blesses you and help you began to praise God for all that you have. There’s a blessing even in the discomfort. Find it and praise Our Father in Heaven

❤️Jatova Jones❤️

Shattered Glass

A couple of weeks ago my Dad passed away. It has been tough and many of my limits have been tested during this time. One day I asked the Lord, “Father why didn’t you tell me it was his time”. I continued this questioning, or should I say monologue, by telling Him about the good health report my dad received just two days before his death. I even told God about the good times we shared as a family leading up to the time of his death. I was really in His ear this day because I went on telling Him that He speaks to me often so I need to know why He chose to not speak to me about my father. I’m sure My Father in Heaven was thinking He’s well aware of all of this but my need to remind Him was greater than my belief of His knowing.
Since I insisted the Lord listened well as I pled my case. He was slow to speak while I waited for His answer. Finally He was ready to speak to me or maybe I should say I was quiet long enough to hear Him speak. Once He spoke My Father in Heaven told me, ” I have never left you nor forsaken you. I have given you all that you need to go through life, even during this time of loss.” Then He said, “The glass had to be shattered so you could be closer to me.” Of course, I was stopped in my tracks. “What! What do you mean Father?” I was thinking I just don’t understand and how could you shatter my glass. I imagined one of those full wall mirrors covering the wall in the dressing room of a clothing store. Then all of a sudden being shattered to the floor. As I asked for understanding, He explained that when you’re looking in a glass you can only see on your side. In most cases, you can only see yourself. Therefore, you live your life according to what you see or the experiences you have on your side of the glass. He then explained that when the glass shatters you can then see what’s on the other side clearly. It is now that you’re not limited to seeing yourself but you can now see the “other” person, the “it”, and/or the “experiences” on the other side of the glass.
To sum it all up, I believe God was saying at times we experience different circumstances that can be used by Him for the good of those who love Him. Although He is the same God, He didn’t have to reveal it to me the way I wanted it to be. There’s more to Him than what my side of the glass allows me to see. Furthermore, now that my glass has been shattered it is His desire for me to draw closer to Him. It is His desire for me to see on the other side of the glass. It is His desire for me to experience Him beyond what I have already learned to see.
The Lord has called me to come closer to Him beyond myself; and I believe this is the same for many of you reading. It is even more evident that He wants me to know Him beyond my life, beyond my experiences, beyond my glass……..but to see Him and to know Him in all of His Glory, while seated in Heavenly places. I really believe Our Father in Heaven is saying, ” I Am bigger than your glass; I Am more magnificent than the portrait you’ve painted me to be; I Am far greater than you’ve ever allowed yourself to believe. I Am God. See Me. Live in Me. Walk on the other side with Me. I have shattered your glass so there is NOTHING between you and Me.”

Jatova Jones

Eyes to See

“It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Super_________!” This is what I see when I look at you. If you could only see you too. My Son, My Daughter just spend a little more time with me, so I can give you eyes to see. You are my creation. My authentic, genuine design. I want you to see yourself the way I see. I’ve given you the best of Me. All of My Spirit……All of My Love…..Pressed down and shaken up. Your cup runs over but all you keep looking at is the spill. You’re so focused on the spill that you can’t see that your cup is continuously filled. You are overflowing my child.
You are the bird! You are the plane! You are the Supernatural thing in the sky! Just spend a little more time with Me and allow Me to give you eyes to see.
You are the bird! You are the plane! You are the Supernatural thing! I designed you just for Me. I’m waiting for you to be all you can be. Just spend a little more time with Me then you will see!
❤️A Letter from Our Father❤️

Jatova Jones

First blog post

” Come out of the cave, Daughter! Come out of the cave, Daughter! Come out of the cave! It is your destiny. I have given you all of Me. You have all that you need. Come out of fear. Come out of bondage. I have made you free. Walk in freedom. You’ve been covered and prepared by Me. Now it’s time to walk freely. Come out, Daughter! Come out, Daughter! Now it’s time for the world to see…….YOU……..the best part of Me”